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OCS-BRIDGE users must view the OCS-BRIDGE E-learning Summary Video and practice a self- or friend/colleague administration before using OCS-BRIDGE with patients or research participants. Viewing videos of specific OCS-BRIDGE test administrations is a very good way to understand the flow of the tests and how to respond in different situations (for example, if a person makes no response).

OCS-BRIDGE has detailed instructions for each test built in to the app (look for the ? icon). When users are familiar with these instructions administration becomes more streamlined using just the verbatim instructions (what you say) presented with each test.

OCS-BRIDGE also has built-in HELP buttons to clarify how to proceed.


The OCS-BRIDGE E-learning Video provides an overview of OCS-BRIDGE (i.e. general principles of test administration, introduces and outlines the different tests and describes how to download and navigate through the app). The E-learning video lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

Specific Test Videos

Demonstration videos are available for each part of OCS-BRIDGE providing specific knowledge of how each test is given to a client (e.g. knowledge of how the tablet should be positioned, tester and client interaction and verbal communication).

Quick Guide

A key to show the meaning of different symbols, colours of screens and action buttons that typically appear on OCS-BRIDGE test screens.